convert xml files to csv

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Here are steps how to convert xml file into csv.

For example I have following xml file (opened into internet explorer ) I want to convert into csv which is also called "comma-separated values".

initial xml file

When application started I see this screen so I click on 'Select input Xml file' button first.

initial screen

Next I navigate to folder where xml file is located and find file and click on Open button.

select input file

File I need to convert been selected.Also I can select multiple files at once if i need to convert them all in one run.

input xml file has been selected

Then I click on Run button to begin conversion.

click on 'Run conversion' to create Csv file

And finally, I will have to specify folder for result file and change name of csv file if necessary.

specify name and location of result Csv file

Success! Result Csv file has been created

csv file created

Here is an example of Csv file created by converter.

result csv file opened into excel
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