convert dbf (dBase) file to word table

Dbf into Word

Here is quick instruction how to convert one or many dbf (dBase) files into word document with nice table containing all data from dbf file:

When application starts following screen will be displayed:
convert dbf to word start screen
Click on 'select input files' button and navigate to folder where dbf files are located.

Select dbf files that will be converted into word abd Click on Open Button:

select input dbase files
After files selected Tne click on 'Next Step' button or on 'Step 3' tab:

dbf files selected
Then click on 'Run conversion' button to start conversion into word document.

Because I selected two dbf files application asks for output folder where word files will be placed:

select output folder for word file
I can click on 'My Documents' button to store files into my documents folder, and then click 'Ok'.

Application will create result files into folder I selected:

folder for Microsoft word document selected
here is an example of result word document with created table from dbf file:

example of Microsoft word file created from dbf
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