Learning Meditation Game

Download for different OS

Installation steps for Mac
1.Download and install Adobe AIR.
2.Download and run MeditationGame.air file installer.
Installation steps for for Linux
1.Download and install Adobe AIR 2.6 Runtime for Linux.
2.Check out installation guide.
3.Download and run MeditationGame.air file installer.
how to play

This is textual meditation gamification With main character you will travel thought map, visiting locations and doing meditation challenges.

  • Main Screen

    After Installation this main screen will appear.

    Main screen contains
    map with showing current location (when you just started it will be Village). Current Location
    story for current location on the top
    list of challenges for current location.
  • Tiger Temple

    Goal of the game is to move through all locations by completing all challenges for every location.

  • Challenges

    Click on "Go" button near Posture meditation challenge

    Challenge screen will be opened
    this screen will have description of meditation and time that you will have to meditation.
    read the description of meditation
    remember : every challenge starts with gong sound and ends with tune sound.
  • Ready

    When you will be ready to meditate click on "I'm ready" button and you will hear gong sound

  • Meditation done

    Concentrate on meditation description and meditate all time until tune sound

    You will see timer counting down and tune sound will be played when meditation complete.
  • Marked as Completed

    Close Challenge screen and notice that Posture meditation is marked as done

    Click to another meditation from the list and repeat step 2 and 3 for new challenge
  • Generic placeholder image

    After all challenges completed you will be moved on new location

    Location story will be updated and new set of meditation challenges will be set
  • Menu

    Menu Options

    Click on menu button to open menu options


  1. Interesting introduction to meditation. It uses baby steps that would be quite good for a new meditator.

  2. After the posture section, one has to unlock the game. I am having some trouble finding out how to get the license.

    1. This information available on Buy page http://www.whiterocksoftware.com/p/buy.html#LearningMeditationGame
      I will update application with correct link.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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